Great place for your teeth/smile and the best dental clinic I've been to. Dr. Urshita is an amazing doc, y'all. You got a dental problem? She's got the solution.

It is a best place one can go, really in safe hands. Dentist is really really very understanding, gives time to understand our problem explains it well and then suggests the right option. I was suggested 4 teeth removal by some other doctor but the dentist here conserved all of them and this has helped me so much to eat normally with my previous teeth.

Dr Urshita is a Fantastic endodontist. She did a great job for my root canal and even managed to put my 5 yr old son at ease, for his cavity filling! Truly excellent!


"Super compassionate, friendly, and easy to handle for people with anxiety."

Best endodontist in Baroda.

Undoubtedly the best!

One of the best dental clinic and I loved her explanations regarding prevention of the certain dental conditions.

The best dental clinic in the city .

Good experience for dental treatment. And the clinic is 5/5 for hygiene, staff are friendly... and but first Dr. Urshita is kind and soft spoken. She explains very well...👍

Dr. Urshita is extremely professional, ethical and amazing at what she does.. Being a prosthodontist, i did refer a patient concerned with her speciality and the patient was really happy with her treatment.. Keep up with the amazing work..

I hate going to the dentist as it is never a fun experience for me. But , I proven myself wrong here . Everyone is here is so nice and welcoming. The dentist is very kind and thorough with her explanations. Her approach is patient oriented. The staff member was all super friendly and reassuring. I am actually feeling much less stressed about my next few appointments there after my visit a few days ago.

Best dentist in vadodara and it was a wonderful guidance and treatment for any dental problems It's a very genuine place to go and Dr urshita is giving her best to solve any dental problems so I would recommend urshita's dental clinic for any type of dental cause her treatment is very good and effective.

Good experience for dental treatment. Went for scaling and doctor explained everything well about tooth and problems I might face in future.

She's a professional, would definitely recommend her. She's the go to doctor in Vadodara.

As i am new to the place, i didn't know much about any dentist here. Even though i found her from google, I am very happy with the service provided as she was very polite and explained all the details during my treatment there.

One of the best dentist in baroda...My entire dental procedure was absolutely painless and doctor made sure I was absolutely comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The clinic is well equipped and staff is cordial as well. Dr urshita keep up the good work.

Best place for any dental problem.. Dr. Urshita did a great job for my root canal...

Dr. Urshita is an amazing endodontist, she makes you feel comfortable and let's you know exactly what is happening with your treatment. She always insures that a procedure is done exactly right. I really appreciate her time and attention to every detail and would highly recommend her to everyone.

I live in the USA. I came to India in Jan 2019 when Dr Urshita had just opened her clinic. I am one of her first patients. I went to her office, greeted professionally not like the doctors offices you go to in India. It was as if I am in the USA. I told her my problem and she diagnosed it and said what the treatment plan will be. When she performed the surgery I didn't feel any pain, not even when she gave me the numbness injection. Didn't even realize it when the surgery was complete. I spent 20,000 dollars visiting 5 different dentists in the USA and my problem was not solved. One visit to Dr Urshita everything went away. I would recommend to everyone. If there is a 11 Star rating I would give that to Dr Urshita. Keep up the good work Doc. See you in Jan 2020 for my check up. Thanks a million for solving my problem.

Great place to visit for your dental concerns. Dr. Urshita is extremely professional in her approach, competent in her field and has a way of putting your mind to ease regarding the treatment. She calmly explains the treatment and answers all the questions you may have. Clinic is very well maintained and clean. You will be in good hands if you visit here.

Helpful and accommodating!! Though it was raining the Doctor came specially for us as we had to back to China. We got an end to end solution for our dental problem. Highly recommend for ppl who are traveling to baroda for treatments.

Urshita's clinic is the right place in vadodara where u will find solution , consultation and treatment for any dental problem ,she is very humble ,nice and expert doctor , Best doctor for any dental issue.

Hi Nice service by clinic staff and very helpful guidelines for betterment treatment and after that treatment I feel very happy...

I got my scaling done at Dr Urshita’s dental clinic. She took utmost care of my comfort and dedicated a lot of time and patience inspite of it being a simple procedure. There was no pain or discomfort. The clinic is neat and very clean and very aesthetically made. I highly recommend her for your one stop dental treatment.

Excellent facility, nice attitude, caring and professional. Was apprehensive of dental treatment. But, Urshita with her friendly demeanor and dexterous hands calmed my edginess . Instead of dreading dental appointment, I now look forward to be treated by her.

Dr Urshita is an extremely skilled and competent endodontist. She did a very delicate and complicated root canal for me with the greatest of confidence and ease! With a feather light touch, magic in her fingers and a knack of making you feel comfortable and safe ,even while the most difficult procedure is going on, this talented lady is most definitely the one you should go to! God Bless you always, dear Urshita!

It is a tensionless place, just admit and out as if nothing operated, u will b free and happy👍 God blessing us🙏💐

Dr Urshita does the most complicated dental treatment in such a comfortable soothing way and does it very nicely , leaving the patient totally satisfied painless and comfortable . Would go again or recommend again and again .